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“I am an extremely busy person who works 40+ hours a week and found it difficult to fit in all the home tasks, that was until I discovered Smiths Direct. Now instead of taking sometimes up to an hour, which included travel time, waiting in a queue to be served and then getting back home again, it now only takes me less than five minutes to select what I want and then ‘click’ it is done. I receive my order on time every time and love it.’ Nicola Mooney - Airdrie

“Ordering from Smiths has made my life so much better in many ways. No more trips to the butcher shop anymore, I always have a freezer full of meat and my family love it as I am now cooking more meals at home. A great experience all round, will be ordering again very soon.” Diane Smith – Airdrie

“I would highly recommend Mas Meats Online Shop. Why? The meat is of excellent quality, the delivery service is reliable and the prices are extremely competitive (and I am a very fussy customer!).” John Stevenson – Kirkintilloch

‘So easy to use, and saves shopping time, I normally buy a huge pack, and freeze some of it to make it last a bit longer, been using them for ages now. Fab service’ Linda Hopkinson Coatbridge