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Model: SBL001
A traditional and very popular Scottish link sausage, Smiths online butchers beefs links are made with Scottish beef, Linked by our artisan butchers. Giving you the perfect link sausage to make many delicious meals!!Nutrition Information: per link Calories50Total Fat5gSaturated2gPolyunsaturated2gMon..
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Model: Black Pudding
Smiths Direct Online Butchers Black pudding is a mix of onions, pork fat, oatmeal, flavouring and blood – Pigs Blood. Blended by our Butchers to give you a delicious Traditional Scottish breakfast black pudding...
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Model: Chipolato
Made using the finest Scottish pork by our expert sausages makers at Smiths Direct, these Chipolata sausages are great for party’s!! Nutrition Information:Calories46Total Fat3gSaturated2gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium0mgPotassium0mgTotal Carbs3gDietary Fibre0gSugars0gP..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Model: SCU001
Our expert sausage makers at Smiths Direct butchers gives you this Cumberland Sausage packed full of fantastic flavours for your delicious meal. Using only the best Scottish Pork. Nutrition Information: per SausageCalories175Total Fat14gSaturated5gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol..
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Model: FRU001
Smiths fruit pudding is a mixture of ingredients which is then shaped into a large sausage shape which can be sliced and then fried this is occasionally used as an optional feature for Traditional Scottish Breakfasts. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories339Total Fat20gSaturated0gPolyunsaturated0g..
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Model: Haggis
Smiths Scottish haggis makes a great meal for burns’ night, rich and spicy to celebrate the anniversary of Robert burns’ birth. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories232Total Fat14gSaturated5gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium630mgPotassium0mgTotal Carbs15gDietary Fibre3g..
Ex Tax:£0.80
Model: Italian Sausage
Smiths Direct, hand-made Italian sausage, prepared in the same way as our famous Lorne, our Italian style sausage is mixed with a secret blend of Italian herbs and spices. Perfect for pasta with tomato based Italian sauce or simply on there own. Nutrition Information: per 113gCalories167Total Fat8gS..
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Model: SPL002
Pigs in Blanket Nutrition Information: Each Calories35Total Fat2gSaturated0gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium30mgPotassium0mgTotal Carbs6gDietary Fibre0gSugars6gProtein6g..
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Model: SPL003
Traditional pork sausages with leeks, freshly hand made by Smiths Direct’s in Lanark to our own family recipe. Approximately 8 per lb. Nutrition Information:Calories291Total Fat23gSaturated10gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium0mgPotassium0mgTotal Carbs0gDietary Fibre0gSuga..
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Model: Pork Link
We use finely ground Scottish pork shoulder meat for a deeper flavour and better taste. Our meat is unseasoned to allow the natural rich flavours of the meat to shine through. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories60Total Fat5gSaturated2gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol17mgSodiu..
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Model: SAL008
Smiths Online Butchers Scottish onion Lorne sausage used the same great recipe as our delicious Scottish Lorne sausage, with diced onion to add more fantastic flavours. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories235Total Fat14gSaturated6gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium697mg..
Ex Tax:£0.70
Model: Lorne
This Lorne sausage is hand-made by our Butchers at Smiths Direct, then sliced into perfect size Scottish square sausages ready to cook! Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories235Total Fat14gSaturated6gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium697mgPotassium0mgTotal Carbs15gDietary..
Ex Tax:£0.60
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