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Model: Chipolata
Made using the finest cuts of pork by our expert sausages makers at Smiths Direct, these Chipolata sausages are great for party’s!! Nutrition Information:Calories46Total Fat3gSaturated2gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium0mgPotassium0mgTotal Carbs3gDietary Fibre0gSugars0gPr..
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Model: PDI001
Smiths Direct butchers diced this amazing pork for you to use easily for delicious home cooked meals using only the best pork - Why not try our diced pork with a creamy paprika sauce!! Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories114Total Fat2gSaturated0gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholestero..
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Model: PFI001
Smiths Online Butchers Pork fillet – also known as tenderloin is the best cut from the pig. Our butchers at Smiths use only the best pork - Try cooking this fillet with some Thyme apples and onion for a perfect home-cooked meal...
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Model: PLO001
Smiths’ Online butchers popular roasting joint offers very tender and tasty meat. Best roasted whole. This cut provides some of the most popular cuts from the loin. Smith’s use only the best pork. Our pork lion is cut from the long back of the pig providing you with the leanest meat! Nutrition Infor..
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Model: PMI001
Our butchers at Smiths Gourmet mince the best Scottish pork meat for you, which make it fantastic and easy to use for meatballs or making sausages. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories161Total Fat7gSaturated4gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol60mgSodium62mgPotassium325mgTotal Ca..
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Model: Pork Link
We use finely ground Scottish pork shoulder meat for a deeper flavour and better taste. Our meat is unseasoned to allow the natural rich flavours of the meat to shine through. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories60Total Fat5gSaturated2gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol17mgSodiu..
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Model: Pork Sausage Meat
 Delicious hand made pork Sausage Meat made  with our own recipeApprox 450 grams ..
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Model: PSH001
Smiths Online boneless pork shoulder is full of flavour and perfect for roasting. For best results slow cook this quality cut. Our butchers use only the best pork. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories150Total Fat8gSaturated0gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTrans0gCholesterol0mgSodium0mgPotassiu..
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Model: POS001
Our pork steaks are easy to prepare and because our butchers at Smiths Direct slice these perfectly leaving the rind on this helps retain moisture and adds amazing flavour during cooking. Our Butchers use only the best pork which is raised outdoors from Certified assured farms. Nutrition Information..
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