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Model: LAM001
Crown of Lamb with Sage and Onion StuffingCrown of Lamb Roasting Joint is a perfect show stopper for any Sunday lunch. Tasty and TenderThis spectacular Lamb joint is prepared by our craftsman butcher and is ready straight for the oven.Both 7 Rib, French Trimmed Rack of Lamb are selected and secured ..
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Model: SLC001
Smiths Smiths Butchers Lamb & Chilli Burgers are handcrafted, by our artisan butchers. Our ground Scottish beef is mixed with a secret blend of herbs & spices, shaped by hand. To give you the perfect burger for a delicious meal...
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Model: LCH001
Our butchers at Smiths Gourmet cut these very succulent pieces of meat individually through the joints of the lion. This is a classic lamb cut – Our butchers leave just enough fat to add delicious flavour to the meat and the bone enhances flavours. Scottish lamb naturally raised in the Scottish High..
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Model: LCU001
These Lamb cutlets are cut from the most tender part of the lamb by our butchers at Smiths Direct, packed full of flavour. Our Lamb is Scotch lamb raised naturally in the Scottish Highlands, Smiths lamb cutlets are French trimmed removing the excess fat off the bone, leaving the clean white bone end..
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Model: LDI001
Smiths Online butchers diced this amazing lamb for you to use easily for delicious home cooked meals - Why not try our diced lamb with some garlic, red peppers, basil and some tomato puree for a Mediterranean style dish! Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories136Total Fat5gSaturated0gPolyunsaturated..
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Model: LGI001
Our Scotch lamb gigot chops at Smith Direct are cut from only the highest quality Scotch lamb, sourced and produced in Scotland. Hand prepared by our Master butchers, our lamb is full flavoured with sweet meat and just the right amount of creamy fat. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories239Total F..
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Model: LBL001
Smiths succulent lamb leg steaks are great for pan-frying or grilling. Very tender piece of meat and also cook very quickly, made from Smiths Scotch Lamb raised in the Scottish Highlands naturally. Nutrition Information: per 100gCalories120Total Fat4gSaturated0gPolyunsaturated0gMonounsaturated0gTran..
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Model: LLI001
Smiths Online Butchers Lamb liver is highly rated for its delicious taste and texture. Our Scottish Lamb liver benefits in the form of vitamins, mainly Vitamin A, and minerals such as iron, Why not try our lamb liver with onion, bacon lardons, garlic and thyme for a delicious meal...
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Model: LMI001
Smiths lamb mince is minced to perfection by our master butchers. Our lamb mince is ideal for however you want to cook it – why not try to marinade the mince and shape it onto skewers for lamb kebabs. Our Lamb mince is made only from naturally raised Lamb in the Highlands of Scotland. Nutrition Info..
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Model: Lam009
Considered to be the most sophisticated of all lamb cuts, the lamb rack can be prepared whole or can be cut at home in to eight juicy lamb cutlets. Sear in a hot pan with fresh rosemary, fat side down to get a golden crust and bake until medium for the perfect mini roast. Nutrition Information: per ..
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Model: LAM002
Lamb Rack ‘Guard Of Honour’ with Garden Mint GlazeWeight approx. 1k   Cost    £20.00 Serving 4/5 About Lamb Rack:This spectacular Lamb joint is prepared by our craftsman butcher and is ready straight for the oven.Both 7 Rib, French Trimmed Racks of Lamb are seared with our own recipe mint marinade b..
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Model: LRU001
At Smiths Direct our lamb is naturally raised in the Scottish Highlands. Lamb rump is a leaner cut that can be served as lamb chops or can be used for a perfect roasting joint. This cut is rarely used in home cooking but becoming more popular and is highly recommended. Nutrition Information: per 100..
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