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Model: SBU004
Our hand made, hand pressed Beef Burgers are created by our own team of craft butchers. Our delicious beef is lightly seasoned then shaped by hand. Giving you the perfect burger for a delicious meal.Our hand made burgers are delicious served on a Seeded bun, with lettuce, tomato & a slice o..
Ex Tax:£8.50
Model: BOL001
Our very own Traditional Beef olives are Handmade by our craft butchers,made from minute steaks rolled and stuffed with our own amazing sausage meat. Beef olives are excellent everyday food,served with baby potatoes/mash potatoes & a vegetable of your choice, delicious with a little be..
Ex Tax:£8.75
Model: Mince003
Premium lean steak mince from our first class British Beef.Our lean steak mince is freshly made by our craft butchers. You'll taste the difference in your cooking with our mouth-watering prime steak mince.Our lean steak mince is ideal for simple dishes like a Scottish classic mince & potato..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Model: BFI001
Beef Fillet Joint Prime steak from our quality Beef Fillet prepared by our Artisan Butchers. The ultimate luxury roasting joint from selected delicious Beef or slice into steaks to suit your individual requirements. This selection of Prime fillet is matured for a minimum of 21 days giving succulent ..
Ex Tax:£19.00
Model: BFI005
Our sumptuous Fillet steaks are lean with a beautiful deep flavour.Please contact Smiths Direct on Facebook or on our Contact Form for nutritional/allergen info or any other queries.Total net weight of product = 283.50g..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Model: BFI002
Expertly cut and trimmed by our team of butchers our whole fillet is great for quick roasting or searing. Our beef is from naturally raised, predominantly grass fed cattle. The Whole Fillet is the steak for the exceptionally unique supper party. Our Fillet steak is prestigious for its additional del..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Model: BFI004
Smiths steaks are lean with a beautiful deep flavour. Delicious premium steaks. Gourmet beef at its finest delicious tasting beef with absolutely no fat and matured for a minimum of 21 days. Our fillet steaks are prized cuts that are radiantly delicate and loaded with flavour, making them a heavenly..
Ex Tax:£8.99
Model: SBL001
A traditional and very popular Scottish link sausage. Smiths online butchers' beefs links are made with British beef and  linked by our artisan butchers. Contains 6 sausages per pack. Please contact Smiths Direct on Facebook or on our Contact Form for nutritional info or any other ..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Model: Mince
Premium lean steak mince from our first class  delicious Beef. Our beef is from predominantly grass fed Scotch Beef cattle, naturally raised on farm recognised for high standards of animal welfare. You'll taste the distinction in your cooking with our mouth-watering precisely chose prime steak ..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Model: BTO001
At Smiths Direct our succulent 21 day matured topside joint of Roast Beef is lovingly prepared by our master butchers. Which you can then cut to your individual requirements. Topside is generally considered as the most tender roasting joint! If selecting multiple quantities the product will be s..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Model: BR003
Our beef braising steak is ideal for hearty winter meals and is also suitable for classic slow cooking to create rich dishes full of flavour.Total net weight of product = 680.40gPlease contact us on Facebook or on our Contact Form for nutritional info or any other queries...
Ex Tax:£7.85
Brand: Smiths Direct Model: Diced Beef
Our premium quality diced beef, is the perfect addition to casseroles and stews. Please contact us on Facebook or on our Contact Form for nutritional info or any other queries...
Ex Tax:£6.50
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